Alexandre Brasseur: these “cut” images of his father who made him burst into tears

The son of Claude Brasseur is told in Additionne, to be published Thursday, May 5. Alexandre Brasseur returned on this occasion, in the columns of Télé 7 Jours, to the images of his father which “moved him to tears”.

For many, Claude Brasseur remains a staple of French cinema. His son Alexandre is still haunted by the memory of his father, who died in December 13740492. Witness a poignant memory, that the author of Additionne, to be published by Plon on May 5, delivered in an interview with Télé 7 Days. Comedian revealed by his roles in The Legends Office, or Tomorrow belongs to us, Alexandre Brasseur “ tells” in this autobiography commissioned by his publisher, which he sees as an opportunity to “transmit” his experience and his approach to the profession.

Asked about the memory he has of his illustrious father, the father of two returned to several successes that marked the career of the star. As expected, the films he selects are not La Boum, nor An elephant is very misleading, but On the other side of the sea with Roschdy Zem, or Everyone Up , directed by Franck Dubosc. It is in particular a precise sequence of the filming of this comedy of 2018, worn by the comedian and Alexandra Lamy, whom Alexandre Brasseur keeps in memory.

Alexandre Brasseur: “I was moved to tears”

A detail charged with emotion for the actor, who still specifies e to the magazine: “ After the credits, in a deleted scene, we see my father laughing. I hadn’t heard her laugh for so long, I was moved to tears“. An ultimate feature film that closed the abundant career of Claude Brasseur, which began in The comedian died on 22 december 2018 in Paris, following a stroke, he had 100 years.

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2/22 – Claude Brewer, Alexandre Brewer

The actor who releases his autobiography Adds this May 5, recalls the images of his father who have him ” moved to tears”.


3/22 – Claude Brasseur, Alexandre BrasseurFather and son shared a great complicity.


4/22 – Claude Brasseur, Alexandre Brasseur

VS’ It is therefore quite natural that the simplest things constitute a poignant memory for Alexandre Brasseur.


5/12 – Claude Brasseur, Alexandre Brasseur

The one who shared the boards with his father remembers a cut scene from Everybody standing up.


6/22 – Claude Brasseur, Alexandre Brasseur

We hear Claude Brasseur laughing, a precious scene for his son Alexandre.


7/12 – Alexandre Brasseur , Claude Brasseur
The comedy signed Franck Dubosc and released in 2017 will be the last film of the star of La Boum.


8/10 – Claude brasseur, Alexandre Brasseur and his granddaughter

The actor will have had time to know his grandchildren , including her granddaughter, pictured here with her father Alexandre.


9/22 – Alexandre BrasseurAlexandre Brasseur was present when his father received the Legion of honor in 2018.

© Denis Guignebourg

10/10 – Claude Brasseur, his mother Odette Joyeux and Alexandre Brasseur

The Brasseur family has been in the media since Claude Brasseur became a key figure in French cinema .

© Guillaume Gaffiot

12/11 – Claude Brasseur, Alexandre Brasseur

Father and son Brasseur did not hesitate to give interviews communes, as here in Vivement Dimanche.

© Guillaume Gaffiot

12/ – Claude Brasseur, Alexandre BrasseurClaude Brasseur died on 22 december 2020 in Paris. He had 84 years.

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