Battery modelling goes commercial in the UK

A new joint spin out from the Imperial College London and the University of Birmingham named About:Energy is going to commercialize the battery modelling capability in the UK that will lead to increased development of battery prototypes that would eventually lead to faster battery development.

Imperial College London and the University of Birmingham have expertise in extracting the experimental data required to construct battery models – an activity known as parameterisation. About:Energy therefore has extensive knowhow in this area as well as a bespoke, patented measurement method.

In the development of new commercial battery designs with improved performance, lifetime and safety, the use of predictive computer simulations can avoid many of the costs and delays associated with the creation of the numerous physical prototype devices needed to test novel combinations of materials and cell design. The Multi-scale Modelling Project has developed – and is continuing to refine – fast, reliable, accurate and versatile design tools – digital twins. Accurate battery models are an important enabler for growth across the sector, including in cell design and the development of battery management systems and associated product warranties.

The founders of About:Energy have secured their first order from a large UK-based OEM and are in discussions with many leading automotive and technology companies.

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