Has Marie Myriam been in a relationship with Patrick Sébastien?

Married for thirty-four years to Michel Elmosnino, did Marie Myriam know another man before saying ‘yes’ to the artistic director at Polydor? Answer below…

In 1977, Marie Myriam won the Eurovision Song Contest. A few weeks after her victory, the singer began a love affair with Patrick Sébastien. If the duo was in a relationship for two years, the pretty blonde had wanted to put an end to their relationship when she learned that the famous host had been unfaithful to her. While they were engaged, Marie Myriam found it increasingly difficult to bear the possessiveness of her companion. In her autobiography, evoking a night when after a gala, Patrick Sébastien rushed into her hotel room and had her door opened in the middle of the night, she revealed: “He was convinced that I was not alone. I decided then that it was over, I threw my engagement ring in the toilet.

In 2017, it is in the columns of Ici Paris that Marie Myriam had made many secrets about his past relationship with Patrick Sébastien. “I had 20 years old, he was 24. We lived two magnificent years together. Patrick was my first great love. I adored his family and I often looked after his son Sébastien who unfortunately died in a motorcycle accident in 19 years. I loved him very much, this little “, she confided, before adding: “Well-meaning people came to tell me that Patrick was cheating on me. I was pregnant with him at the time. The decision to have an abortion was one of the worst of my life. Patrick, who wanted to keep the child, tried to commit suicide when I told him that I was leaving him. It was terrible, but I didn’t want that life, let alone a child who didn’t have dad’s. However, since I was little, I dreamed of becoming a mother…

A painful separation

If Marie Myriam made the choice to leave Patrick Sébastien, their breakup was very difficult for her. For Ici Paris, she had indeed revealed: “Our separation was very painful as much for him than for me. At the end of our story, he gave me a lot of fits of jealousy, I couldn’t stand it.” Married to Michel Elmosnino, his story with the host continued to haunt her. “ It took me a very long time to recover, to the point that, even later, with Michel, I couldn’t get pregnant. And I cried as soon as I saw a round belly . I was traumatized “, she had revealed. Today, the two stars are friends and get along wonderfully. “There is a real family bond between us and we see each other very often“, assured Marie Myriam.

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2/10 – Mary Myriam
She was pregnant with Patrick Sébastien.


3/10 – Mary Myriam
She had decided to abort.


4/10 – Patrick Sebastien

The host was very possessive.


5/10 – Patrick Sebastien

They were a couple for two years.


6/10 – Mary Myriam
She blamed herself for having an abortion.


7/10 – Patrick Sebastien and Marie Myriam

The duo during their engagement in Paris, on 14 March 1978.


8/10 – Patrick Sebastien and Marie Myriam

They loved each other enormously.


9/10 – Patrick Sebastien and Marie Myriam

They are now friends.


10/12 – Patrick Sebastien and Marie Myriam
She had been very affected by the death of the host’s son, Sébastien.


10/ – Patrick Sebastien

He was scared that Marie Myriam is cheating on him.

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11/ – Marie Myriam

She ensures that there is a real family bond between her and Patrick Sébastien.

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