Marie-Sophie Lacarrau victim of an eye infection: these two months spent in complete darkness

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau confided in the columns of Parisian this Thursday 12 May. The presenter, absent from the air for several months, had a major health concern.

Since last January, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau has been absent from the TF1 antenna. The presenter of the JT, who replaced Jean-Pierre Pernaut, suffered an eye infection and therefore had to take a break. Five months later, she will find viewers next May 16 and, for this occasion, she confided in the columns of Parisian this Thursday 12 may. She first explained that she went to the Rothschild Foundation where “amoebic keratitis” he was diagnosed. It is an “ infection of the cornea by amoebae, parasites present in tap water,” she explained. Relieved to be taken care of and to receive the necessary care, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau indicates having “ suffered a lot” and even had to spend “two months in the dark, curtains drawn, few lights on, sunglasses indoors“, she recalled. Indeed, her right eye had to remain closed and she had no access to screens. “I couldn’t even read or listen to music which gave me headaches. We stay a lot in your bed, your sofa and you learn to be bored “, she continued before adding that she was able to count on the support of “three nuggets“, her husband and children.

It was before the holidays that Marie-Sophie Lacarrau “ encountered difficulties with my contact lenses. Some days, I couldn’t stand them. I’ve been wearing them for years, that was me already happened and I didn’t worry “, she confessed. However, the situation deteriorated between Christmas and New Year’s Day. “I couldn’t stand the light any longer, overnight. I consulted. We m ‘first found a bacterial infection but it wasn’t that “, she recalled. Quickly taken care of, she confides that she was not afraid of losing her sight. “I was relieved to enter a care process. At the same time, you feel like a weight is falling on your shoulders because you don’t really understand where you’re going, you hear words that scare you: they debrided my eye with a scalpel, I could have had injections in it…“, she explained. A very complicated situation since, as the presenter indicates, if the period was different and there was no epidemic, she would have “been hospitalized because it required strong supervision “, she concluded.

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau: how is the presenter today?

In a few days, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau will find the antenna and the viewers. A moment she had been waiting for. I’m so much better! Finally, I’m looking ahead and not behind “, she first said, delighted. “Knowing that I’m back on the air on Monday is enough for my happiness. During my 4 and a half months of absence, I waited to resume a normal life and my work “, she continued. IF she tells her story, it is in particular to “send a message to all contact lens wearers, around 4 million in France “. In this one, she recalls the importance of being very careful with your lenses since “amoebic keratitis exists. Yes, it is extremely rare. But when it arrives, it is quite devastating“, she concluded.

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